Another Intern Gets Licensed!

I was lucky enough to meet Sarah Wood through another intern I had done some work with, who had referred Sarah to me. She described Sarah as already being a therapist though needing to finish her hours and pass the tests, smart, ethical, with lots of integrity. All this and more turned out to be true. As of 6/25 of this year, Sarah got licensed!

In the past couple of years we’ve been working together, Sarah has seen what is arguably a full caseload in private practice, above the California average number of clients. She’s seen adults, adolescents, and children. She’s worked with individuals, couples, families, mixed demographic families, gay couples. She’s done grief and loss work, parenting issues, addictions/codependency/eating disorders, abuse, trauma, work with depression, and more. Days she’s not been in our office she’s been providing services for kids in schools, their parents, and the teachers who care for them.

It’s truly been a pleasure to work for Sarah. She cares deeply about her clients, has a fantastic “felt sense” of how to be helpful, and a great skillset to do The Work with them. Gratefully, looks like we’ll continue to get to work together in our office now that she’s licensed, and I would have been sad to see her go. That said, am happy to get to continue to recommend her services wholeheartedly. Congratulations, Sarah. Our community is really lucky to have you available.

Sarah maintains her office in Pasadena, has another in San Dimas, and has sliding scale services available. To learn more about Sarah and/or contact her for services, she can be found at :

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