Petar Sardelich – LMFT/PT/MAC
Marriage & Family Therapist
Psychiatric Technician & Addictions Counselor

547 South Marengo Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91101
Office:  626 676/0541
Here is a link to the building on Yahoo maps..

We’re on the west side of South Marengo Blvd., very near the end of the 110 freeway. This is also very close to the California Blvd. exit off of the 210/134 freeways (also referred to as the 110, but the connection has yet to be completed), just north of California Blvd.

The first time you come, note that the office is part of suites that are in a craftsman style house- you’re not walking into someone’s private home! You’re in the right place. The waiting area is just inside the front door.

Hours of Operation

Currently, Tuesday through Saturdays.


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Available Tuesday through Saturday

Hours vary, depending on the day.
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